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How do I find course reserves?

Instructions for students on how to locate items on reserve for a course.

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What are Course Reserves?

Course reserves are high-demand resources assigned for a specific course.

Articles, book chapters, or essays on reserve are available electronically (E-Reserve).

Books, films, music or other items that are not available online are placed physically "on reserve" at the Library.  These items are available behind the Circulation Desk at the Library and are available on a short loan (2 hours, 4 hours, or sometimes 24 or 48 hours).

Finding Course Reserves For Your Class on Chalk

You can find course reserve materials for your class through Chalk. To learn how to access these materials in Chalk, please watch the short video tutorial below.

Course Reserves FAQs

What are the policies for physical items on reserve at the Library?

  • Loan Periods: Usually 2, 4, or 24 hours, and fines accrue as soon as the item is late.
  • Check-Out Limits: You may only borrow 2 reserves items at a time (except for D'Angelo Law Library reserves).
  • Returns: You must return reserves items to the campus library where you borrowed them.
  • No Repeat Check-Outs: You must wait 20 minutes after returning a reserves item to borrow it again, unless an identical copy is currently available.
  • No Recalls or Renewals:  Reserves items are available on a first come, first serve basis.  You cannot renew or recall reserve items.

Where can I check out course materials from?
All campus libraries, with the exception of the Mansueto Library, have reserve collections.  Check the record for the item to see which campus library holds the reserve item you need.  The record will also let you know how long you can check out the item.

What are the fines for returning course reserves late?
View late fines for reserve items.

My instructor said that an assigned reading is on reserve, but it is not showing on Chalk! How do I access the item?
Contact Library Course Reserves for assistance. We can check to see if the item is in process.  If not, you may need to speak to your instructor.

How can I find out when reserve items become available?
Subscribe for e-mail alerts under "Class Details".

I'm auditing a class, but I cannot access the Chalk course site.  How do I access reserve items for the course?
You must contact the instructor and ask to be added to the Chalk site for the course.  Once you are added, you will be able to access course reserve items.

Why can't I access the reserve readings from my course from last quarter?
Due to copyright, we need to remove items on reserve after the course is completed.  If you remember the reading, Ask a Librarian.  We may be able to find another version of the item for you.

What are permanent reserves and how do I find them?

The Library keeps some books or other print items on reserve year-round, even when they are not requested for a course.  The physical reserves policies apply to permanent reserves. Permanent reserves items are not associated to a course, and must be located by searching the Library Catalog.  Crerar Library also maintains a list of Core Science Texts on Permanent Reserve, organized by subject. Eckhart Library maintains a similar list of items on Permanent Reserve at Eckhart.


For Instructors and TAs

For information on placing items on reserve for a course your teaching, please visit our guide:

Ask a Librarian

Ask a Librarian
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