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A guide to accessing analyst reports in Thomson ONE

Investext via Thomson ONE

Investext is a database of analyst reports from major investment banks and other investment advisors. It is a segment of the larger database, Thomson ONE.


Thomson ONE is administered by the Booth School of Business. If you have access problems, please contact their helpdesk at 773.702.7414

You must use Internet Explorer for full functionality of the database.
Other browsers will not display most or all of the interface.

We recommend turning off pop-up blocking while usingThomson ONE

You may need to use IE's Compatibility Mode for full functionality in Thomson ONE.
Microsoft's site explains this for IE 10

Microsoft's site explains this for IE 11

Find Reports on a Company

  1. Select Company Views
  2. Enter a company into the company analysis. For example, type Google and press enter
  3. Click on Research. Reports from the last 90 days are displayed.
  4. For older reports, select Advanced Research Page at the top right of the screen. You will need to re-enter your company name.

Find Reports on a Topic or Industry

  1. Select Screening & Analysis in the menu bar
  2. Select Research. This opens a search form. Expand More Options to limit by industry, region or bank.
    Contributor refers to the firm that produced a report.

See How to Access Reports

This short video shows you the steps to access analyst reports in Thomson ONE