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How do I find ebooks?

A guide on how to find ebooks for your research.

Ebook Search

Search for Ebooks using the Library Catalog:

Find Ebooks available through Library sources.

Watch this short tutorial to learn how to find ebooks in the library catalog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find ebooks in the Library's collections?

Are ebook versions of popular titles available?

The Library’s ebook collections support teaching and research at the University. For popular titles, visit the Chicago Public Library, which has a large collection of popular ebooks.

Can I download ebooks as PDFs?

The Library provides access to ebooks through numerous platforms and downloading policies vary. Most platforms allow PDF downloads of portions of ebooks. Some allow downloads of complete works.

For details, see Downloading E-books.

Can I read ebooks on my ereader (Kindle, Nook)?

Ebooks from EBSCO, ebrary, and EBL can be viewed on ereaders through the BlueFire app, Adobe Digital Editions, or mobile web browser. For details, see:

Can multiple users view an ebook simultaneously?

Many ebooks permit only one user at a time. If you are unable to access an ebook, try again later or ask a librarian for assistance.

In ebrary, a notation in the header will indicate whether a title can be viewed only by a limited number of users at once:

ebrary limited user notation

Starting Points - Recent Publications

In addition to the Library Catalog, search the Library's largest ebook collections:

Starting Points - Historical Publications

In addition to the Library Catalog, search these major historical collections:

University of Chicago Press

Use the Library Catalog or the links below to access ebooks from the University of Chicago Press:

Earlier Publications