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Data Management

Resources for managing research data including storage, archiving, and sharing as well as writing data management plans.

Help with Writing a DMP

For Grant Reviewers

Are you a grant reviewer evaluating a data management plan?

If you are serving on a review panel for grant proposals submitted to funding agencies with data management plan requirements, the Data Management Services team at Johns Hopkins University has developed a guide and worksheet to assist reviewers in evaluating the components of a DMP.

What is a Data Management Plan?

Funding agencies are increasingly requiring a data management plan that describes how the data will be handled throughout the research lifecycle.

Recommended Components to a Data Management Plan

  • Roles and responsibilities: Who will be responsible for data management? How will adherence to data management policies be enforced?
  • Data production and storage: How and what types of data will be produced? How much data will be produced and how will it be stored during the active phase of the project? Will publicly-available data be used (if so, from where)? 
  • Data organization and documentation: How will data be processed and organized? What file formats will be used? How will data be described or contextualized so that they will be understood and usable by others in the future?
  • Data access and sharing: How will data be shared with others? Will release of data be embargoed (if so, why and for how long)? If data are of a sensitive nature, how will sharing be restricted and/or data reformatted to protect privacy? 
  • Data re-use: Who can re-use data? How should others re-use data? What credit should be given for data re-use? Can others re-disseminate data? 
  • Data preservation: Which data will be preserved? How long will data be preserved? Which repository/archive/database will be used? How often will back-ups occur? What metadata or documentation will accompany the data?

Funding Agency Guidelines

National Science Foundation (NSF): A data management plan is required for all proposals. This is a supplementary document (1-2 pages in length) describing how research data will be managed and shared. Specific guidance is provided for Biological Sciences, Computer & Information Sciences & Engineering, Education & Human Resources, Engineering, Geosciences, Astronomical Sciences, Chemistry, Materials Research, Mathematical Sciences, Physics, and Social, Behavioral & Economic Sciences applications.

National Institutes of Health (NIH): A data sharing plan is required for proposals requesting $500,000 or more in any year. This is a paragraph describing how research data will be shared. 

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH): A data management plan is required for all proposals directed toward the Office of Digital Humanities. Thisis a supplementary document (1-2 pages in length) describing how research data will be managed and shared.

Centers for Disease Control  CDC Control and Prevention Policy on Releasing and Sharing Data

Department of Defense  Department of Defense Principles and Operational Parameters of the DoD Scientific and Technical Information Program

NASA NASA Earth Science Statement on Data & Information Policy

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)  Guidelines, Information Quality Standards, and Administration Mechanism

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) NOAA Data Submission Policies and Guidelines