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Computer and Information Technology, Communications and Internet Law


Hamburg & Brotman, Communications Law and Practice, 1995-present. [1 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF2765.H360 1995, Full-Text Online & D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Bender, Computer Law: A Guide to Cyberlaw and Data Privacy, 1978-present. [6 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF8947.B430, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks
LexisNexis: COMPLW

Nimmer, Information Law, 1996-present. [1 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF2979.N566, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks
Westlaw: INFOLAW

Toren, Intellectual Property and Computer Crimes, 2003-present. [1 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF9350.T67, Full-Text Online & D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Stuckey, Internet and Online Law, 1996-present. [1 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF390.5.C6S780 1996, Full-Text Online & D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks
Westlaw: IOLAW

Internet Law and Practice, 2002-present. [2 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF390.5.C6I61, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Nimmer, The Law of Computer Technology: Rights, Licenses, Liabilities, 4th ed. 2009-present. [4 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF390.5.C6N5622 2009, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Delta & Matsuura, Law of the Internet, 3rd ed. 2009-present. [loose-leaf]
XXKF390.5.C6D45 2009, Full-Text Online & Mansueto Library
LexisNexis: LAWINT

Scott, Scott on Information Technology Law, 3rd ed. 2007-present. [2 vol. loose-leaf]
XXKF390.5.C6S382 2007 Full-Text Online & Mansueto Library


Farr & Oakley, EU Communications Law, 2006.
XXKJE6964.F37 2006, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Carter, Dee, & Zuckman, Mass Communication Law in a Nutshell, 7th ed. 2014.
XXKF2750.Z9M372 2014, D'Angelo Law Library, Reserve Room

Spang-Hanssen, Public International Computer Network Law Issues, 2006.
XXK564.C6S636 2006, D'Angelo Law Library, Bookstacks

Other relevant texts are listed in our Telecommunications and Cyber Law study-supplement indexes. 

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