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Terms and conditions for accessing LexisNexis Academic

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Nexis Uni to replace LexisNexis Academic

LexisNexis Academic will be retired soon and will be replaced Nexis Uni. The same sources are covered, but the search interface and article display have been updated. The same terms and conditions of access apply to Nexis Uni

Terms and Conditions for accessing LexisNexis Academic

  • LexisNexis Academic services are only for personal academic use.
  • Downloading of large volumes of data for use in text mining applications or with other automated trend analysis software is not permitted under our license.
  • Downloading text to create a corpus of text for analysis is not permitted under our license.
  • Storage of LexisNexis data in a shared archive is not permitted.
  • Access to LexisNexis requires manual use of the LexisNexis interface.
  • Using software or other automated tools to systematically download licensed content is not permitted under our license.


Use of any Library electronic resource constitutes acceptance of the Library's Policy on Acceptable Use of Electronic Resources and the University's Policy on Information Technology Use and Access.