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Geographic Information Systems (GIS)


Online Training

Courses at UChicago

The following courses cover GIS concepts, tools, and practical applications:

Course Code(s)

Course Name

GEOG 28201/38201, PPHA 39111

Intro to Geographic Information Systems

GEOG 20500

Intro to Spatial Data Science

GEOG 28400/38400

Intermediate GIS

GEOG 28600/38600

Advanced GIS Analysis

CHDV 20305/40315, CRES 20305, PBPL 20305

Inequality in Urban Spaces

ECON 26600, GEOG 26600/36600, LLSO 26202, PBPL 24500

Urban Economics

NEAA 20061/30061, GEOG 25400/35400, ANTH 26710/36710

Ancient Landscapes 1: GIS and Landscapes

NEAA 20062/30062, GEOG 25800/35800, ANTH 26711/36711

Ancient Landscapes 2: GIS and Landscapes

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