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Setting Up Library Course Reserves

Information for instructors and TAs about setting up Library Course Reserves for your teaching.

Using Canvas to Submit Course Reserves

Establishing Your Canvas Site

To begin, you must have a Canvas site for your course. To request a site, go to

Getting Started

Once you have a course in Canvas, log in to your course at with your CNetID. Select your course.

Once in your course, choose "Library Reserves" in the left menu.

Canvas Screen Shot

Then, select the quarter you would like reserves to be available.

This will open the course reserves module.

Adding Reserves

You can now begin to submit and manage your course reserve items. Go to the “Instructor Class Tools” option in the menu on the left side of the screen and select "Add Reserve Items".

View of Reserves Module Menu

You can add new reserve items or you may import items from previous course reserve lists.

Options for adding reserve items

Adding New Course Reserve Items

To add a new item to reserves, select the icon representing the type of material you would like to include in your reserve list (article, chapter, or book/CD/DVD). If you do not see the type of reserve item that you need for your course, please contact Library Course Reserves.

Complete the brief form, providing the bibliographic information about each item. Enter as much information as you can, following the instructions (required information is noted by * in the record).

Items uploaded or linked from online resources are immediately available for your students. Reserve items provided by the Library (such as books) will take longer as they require processing by staff.

Image of options for adding ereserves

Importing Items Previously on Reserve

If you have taught a course before, you can upload items from previous reserve lists.

Select the course which holds the items you would like to place on reserve.

Check each item that you would like to import to your new course and change the availability dates. Click "Import" to add them to your current course's reserve list.

View of importing items from previous courses

Once you have submitted your reserve items, they will display in a list within your account. You can check the processing status of items in your list, making any changes as needed.

You can also register for e-mail notices through the Library Course Reserves Management system. An e-mail will be sent to you whenever your course reserves are updated by you, your TAs, or Library reserves staff. Your students can also sign up for this feature so they can learn when reserve items are available.

Other Features

  • Student View
    If you would like to review how students will see your course reserves list, select "Switch to Student Mode" in the Library Course Reserves menu. Please note that students will only see course reserve items that are fully processed.
  • Reserve Item Usage
    The "Reserve Item Usage" option allows you to view the number of times reserve items are accessed. By selecting "Show Detailed Usage," you can see what day each item was accessed.
  • My EMails
    Review all of the e-mails sent to you about your course reserves processing by selecting “My EMails".

Contact Course Reserves

For questions about setting up reserves for your course, contact:

Library Course Reserves