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Find Print Books & Journals in Crerar

Guide to Finding Print Journals

How do I find print biomedical journals in Crerar?

  • Recent journal issues shelve on the first floor by title

  • Older issues shelve on the second floor by title

Some multidisciplinary journals, such as Nature and Science, may shelve with the biomedical journals or with the physical sciences journals; check Lens for locations.

You will see the following locations for journals in Lens:

  • Crerar, 1st Floor Biomedical Journals = first floor, east of the Reference Desk, shelved by title. As soon as a journal is checked into the Library it will display in the catalog, even if staff have not carried it to the floor yet. If you can't find the most recent issue of a journal, ask for further assistance at the Reference Desk.

  • Crerar, Bookstacks = second floor, shelved by title. Most older issues of biomedical journals shelve by title on the second floor.

  • Crerar, 1st Floor Reserve Desk = first floor, behind the Circulation/Reserves Desk.

  • Crerar, Dewey Collection = lower level, arranged by Dewey call number order in compact shelving. Currently there is little information in Lens about which volumes are available, so you will need to check the shelves in person. As a general rule, the most recent issues are no later than 1984.

Some journals in the biomedical sciences shelve on the third floor or on the lower level by Library of Congress Classification. For example, titles related to the laboratory animals (SF classification)  are on the third floor and biotechnology (TP classification) are on the lower level.

Please check the catalog carefully. If the journal does not have a "Shelved by Title" note, then go the third floor or lower level, depending on call number, and locate the journal by its call number. Confused? Please contact the Crerar Library Reference Desk at Ask a Librarian or 773-702-7715..

Note: Journals are building-use only and cannot be checked out. Please see reference or circulation staff for more information.

What if I can't find journal I need?

If you've looked for a journal that that is supposed to be on the shelf but is not, try these steps:

  1. Check at the Reference Desk to be certain of your information.
  2. Look in the re-shelving areas behind the Circulation/Reserves Desk and on the book carts at the top of the stairwells on the second or third floors, depending on call number.
  3. Look near photocopiers on each floor.
  4. Submit a Search Request. We'll do the looking from this point.

What if the Library doesn't own the journal article I need?

Use the Library's free Interlibrary Loan service to request a copy of the article(s) you need.

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