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Using the University of Chicago Library

Guide for students at University of Chicago Woodlawn Charter Schools

Getting Started

If you are looking for articles on a specific topic, or by a specific author, you will have to use an index or article database. 

Some article databases will include the full-text of the article.  Other databases may only include a record with an article citation.  To locate the full-text, click on the Find It! icon in the record for the article.  If the article is online, Find It! will link you to options for the full-text.  Otherwise, Find It! will provide an option to look for the journal in print at the Library using the Library Catalog.

Below are some good places to begin your research.

Google Scholar

Google Scholar includes citations for academic journals in all subjects. 

To set up Google Scholar to work with the Library's online journal collection, you must go to Scholar Settings, and under Library Links, search and select "University of Chicago Libraries".  Then click on "Find it at UChicago" to access the full-text of the article.