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Canadian Law and Legal Research


There are a wide variety of Canadian law journals, with most being subject-specific or institution-oriented. Rather than list them all below, we have included a few links to sites that have done it already, and which allow for searching. They are almost all subsumed under general lists of legal journals.


There is an enormous array of monographs on every aspect of Canadian law. It would be all but impossible to include them all in this space, so we are going to include a few of the strongest volumes that cover major areas of the law. One of the best series available is the "Essentials of Canadian Law" series published by Irwin Law. Each volume covers a major area of the law and is written by a subject specialist. If in doubt, it is difficult to go wrong by using the appropriate volume to acquint oneself with the corresponding area of the law. Included below are a few other volumes not included in the series that are useful go-to books for various major areas of the law.

Subject Guide