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Legal History: Sources

Links to online sources for legal history

Roman Law: Introductions

Online Sources & Digital Libraries

Treatises (alpha by author)

Borkowski, J.A. and Paul Plessis, A Textbook on Roman Law, (4th ed. 2010)

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA147.B672 2010

The Institutes of Gaius / tr. by Francis de Zulueta. (Part 1)

Uniform Title: Institutiones. 1946. English & Latin

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA882.A3I57 1946


Johnston, David, Roman Law in Context (1999)

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA147.J64 1999


Jolowicz, J.F. and Barry Nicholas, Historical Introduction to the Study of Roman Law, (3rd ed. 1996)

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA147.J658 1996


Justinian's Institutes / translated with an introduction by Peter Birks & Grant McLeod with the Latin text of Paul Krueger.

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA1088.E50 1987


Nicholas, Barry, Introduction to Roman Law  (1982)

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA147.N535 1982


Robinson, O.F., The Sources of Roman Law: Problems and Methods for Ancient Historians (1997)

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA190 .R63 1997


Schulz, Fritz, Classical Roman Law (1992)

D’Angelo Law, Reserve: XXKJA2190.S385 1992


Stein, Peter,  Roman Law in European History (Cambridge University Press, 1999)

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXKJA147.S744 1999


Stein, Peter, Legal Institutions: The Development of Dispute Settlement (1984)

D'Angelo Law, Bookstacks: XXK2390.S74 1984

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