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Library Help Module in Chalk

Learn about the Library's new module in Chalk. Includes instructions on how to move or request changes to the module.

Quick Links

Request Changes to the Library Chalk Module in Your Course
Contact the Library to modify the librarian(s) or guide(s) listed in your course.

Questions or Comments
E-mail the Library with your questions or comments about the new Chalk module.

Library Help is Just a Click Away

The Library's Chalk module suggests appropriate Library research guides and librarian contacts for your course. For most classes in Chalk, the module appears on the course home page. Below is an example of the Library module for an Art History course.

Library Help Module

FAQs About the Library Module

How are the guides and librarians selected?

The guides and librarians listed in the module are generated based on the department / program prefix in your course number (e.g. HIST selects the history library guide and history librarian).

Can I change the guides or librarians listed in my module?

The Library module may be altered to fit the needs of your course. Instructors and TAs logged into Chalk will see an italicized message at the bottom of the module with instructions on how to contact the Library to request changes. Updates will appear within 24 hours during regular business hours (Monday - Friday, 9 am - 5 pm).

Can I move or remove the module on my course page?

The Library module can be moved or removed like the other modules on your course landing page:

  • Select "Edit Mode" in your course: image of edit mode toggle
  • Select the "Customize Your Page" button below the Edit Mode button.
  • To move, click on the module and drag it to your desired location on your course page. 
  • To remove the module, select the "x" at the top right of the box to close it. 

I don't see the Library module.  Can I add it to my course?

Courses created before September 2013 or those copied from past quarters may not include the Library module automatically.  However, you can add the module manually to your course home page, or add it a link to the module from your course menu.

Learn how to add the Library module to your course.


Rebecca Starkey
Librarian for College Instruction & Outreach
Regenstein Library
1100 E. 57th Street
Chicago, IL 60637

Course Reserves in Chalk

Course reserves are high-demand resources assigned for a class. Some readings can be scanned and placed on reserve electronically (ereserves).  Other items that are not available online are placed physically "on reserve" at the Library.  These items are available to students on a short loan. Instructors or Teaching Assistants can submit reserves requests directly through Chalk, as well as import course reserves lists from previous courses.

Setting Up Library Course Reserves