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Gallup Respondent-level Data

About the Data

The datasets are available to current students, faculty and staff of the University of Chicago and may not be shared outside of the University.

There are two datasets available for immediate use:

  • The Gallup World Poll (2006-2018)
  • The U.S. Daily Tracking Poll (2008-2018)

The library is also able to request customized Gallup Poll Social Series data extracts. 

Gallup recommends using Gallup Analytics to identify questions and variables from the U.S. Daily Poll.

Questions in the World Poll vary by year and country. Gallup has a tool for identifying questions and when they were asked in a country.

Access the Data

Data are currently available in SPSS and STATA formats. SAS and other formats are available upon request. To request data files, please contact Elizabeth Foster.

Aggregated data from these datasets can be accessed and analyzed through Gallup Analytics.